The Mighty Avengers Meet The Masters of Evil

Avengers #6

Writer: Stan Lee
Penciller: Jack Kirby
Inker: Chic Stone
Letterer: Sam Rosen

Plot Summary

While stopping to refuel on their way back to New York, The Avengers take the opportunity for Captain America to try out the modifications Iron Man made to Cap’s shield. While Cap is impressed by the improvements to his signature weapon he also laments the fact that Bucky isn’t around to witness all of the scientific wonders of the modern world. Cap cuts his own grief short though and vows that he will take revenge on whoever caused Bucky’s death, no matter where they are. Somewhere in South America, Baron Zemo, former chief Nazi scientist, is ruling over a tribe of natives  when his yearly delivery of supplies, scientific journals, and newspapers arrives. Upon inspection of the newspapers Zemo flies into a rage when he learns that not only has Cap been found alive but that he has also joined The Avengers. Zemo then regales the delivery pilot with the story of how Cap caused Zemo’s hood to be permanently adhered to his head. Armed with this new information, Zemo decides it is time to return to civilization to have his revenge on Captain America. Zemo sets the pilot to assemble several other supervillains in a bid to defeat the Avengers. The team the pilot assembles is The Masters of Evil. Each of the members were chosen specifically because they nearly defeated a different Avenger. This way the other Avengers will be occupied or defeated, leaving Zemo free to deal with Cap. To this end, Zemo provides the Black Knight, Melter, and Radioactive Man with canisters Adhesive X, the same substance that caused Zemo’s deformity. Armed with the adhesive the Masters of Evil go about gluing all of New York in an effort to lure out The Avengers. The Masters’ acts do not go unnoticed and the Teen Brigade sends out an emergency alert to The Avengers, who are just then returning.  The Avengers quickly face off against their old adversaries with less than ideal results. Though they manage to escape, Cap and Giant Man have been glued to the pavement. Zemo finally arrives on the scene and when he realizes that The Avengers will try to find a solution to Adhesive X, he changes the plan in order to acquire that solvent and free himself from the hood. After failing to free Cap and Giant Man on their own, The Avengers enlist the help of former villain Paste Pot Pete, master of adhesives, who has a solvent that might do the trick. Iron Man rushes to acquire the solvent and upon his return The Avengers use it to free Cap and Giant Man. Now free, The Avengers hatch a plan to stop The Masters of Evil, which entails The Avengers switching foes, so as to confound their foes and defeat them while they attempt to adjust their strategy. With the aid of the Teen Brigade, Cap also manages to switch out the canisters of Adhesive X for Paste Pot Pete’s solvent. When the Masters of Evil attempt to use the new canisters to further snare New York, they instead begin to free those already trapped. The Avengers are able to defeat The Masters of Evil, who are caught off guard by the change in The Avengers strategy. Eventually Cap takes on Zemo in single combat, and while Zemo manages escape with a canister of solvent, Cap reveals that he managed to replace Zemo’s personal canister with tear gas. As the issue comes to a close, Zemo’s aircraft is seen swerving wildly, an indication that he has discovered Cap’s little surprise.


Captain America
Iron Man


Masters of Evil
Baron Zemo
Black Knight
Radioactive Man

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