Baron Zemo (Heinrich Zemo)

Baron Heinrich Zemo

Former chief scientist for Nazi Germany, Baron Heinrich Zemo was so hated by his own people that he wore a hood to hide his face. During a confrontation with Captain America, Zemo was covered in Adhesive X, which caused his hood to be permanently stuck to his face. After the war, Zemo fled to the jungles of South America where he set up a personal kingdom, content in the knowledge that he had caused the deaths of Captain America and his sidekick Bucky. Zemo remains in the jungle until he discovers that Captain America has returned.

Zemo leads The Masters of Evil on several unsuccessful attempts to defeat The Avengers, which culminate in his own death in an avalanche which he himself caused (Avengers #15). Zemo dies having failed to take his revenge on Captain America.


First Appearance: Avengers #6
Death: Avengers #15

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