Name: Dr. Donald Blake
Powers: Asgardian god of thunder, superhuman strength, extreme longevity, ability to summon lighting, wields enchanted hammer Mjolnir, able to “fly” by holding on to his hammer while throwing it, transforms back into Donald Blake if loses contact with Mjolnir for more than 60 seconds.

Donald Blake, a crippled doctor discovered a walking staff in a cave while on vacation in Norway. By pounding the staff on the ground Blake can transform into Thor. Has control over thunder and lightning and other storms related powers. Wields Mjolnir, an enchanted hammer that only he can hold. Joined the Avengers as a founding member when his brother Loki attempted to use the Hulk in a plot to attack Thor (Avengers #1).

On several occasions, Thor has been forced to battle fellow Asgardians such as Enchantress and Executioner (Avengers #7, Avengers #9, Avengers #10, and Avengers #15).
Thor returned to Asgard to participate in the Trial of the Gods with his brother Loki and has yet to return to the team full time, only returning occasionally when he is needed (Avengers #16).

First appearance: Journey into Mystery #83
Joined Avengers: Avengers #1


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