The Coming Of The…Wonder Man

Episode 10

Writer: Stan Lee
Penciller: Don Heck
Inker: Dick Ayers
Letterer: Art Simek

Plot Summary

We find The Avengers in the midst of an epic battle with Baron Zemo! Unfortunately, this battle is only in the mind of Captain America, and his fellow Avengers remind Cap that he is dwelling on Zemo far too much. Meanwhile, Zemo and his Masters of Evil are contemplating their fate while they continue to travel through various dimensions, still stuck in Thor’s Space Warp. As tensions rise, Enchantress uses all her available powers and manages to return The Masters to Zemo’s hidden jungle fortress. Upon arriving, Zemo reveals his newest plan to destroy The Avengers.

Several weeks later we find Enchantress in Manhattan, bailing out businessman Simon Williams. Williams is charged with embezzling money from his company to prevent a personal bankruptcy. His troubles stem from the fact that Tony Stark’s inventions have made his company’s products worthless. Because of this Williams blames Stark, and Enchantress is more than willing to help Williams achieve his revenge.

Enchantress takes Williams to Zemo’s secret fortress to undergo a series of radical experiments. As a result, Williams is turned into the Wonder Man and is granted incredible strength and invulnerability, though the cost is high. After demonstrating his new skills for the assembled Masters of Evil, Wonder Man is horrified to find out that the same experiment that gave him his powers will kill him within a week unless he is supplied with a treatment from Zemo. Thus, Wonder Man is completely at the mercy of The Masters of Evil.

After a few days The Avengers respond to a bank robbery in progress find themselves face to face with The Masters of Evil. Shortly after engaging in battle however, The Avengers find themselves being aided by a costumed hero who makes quick work of The Masters. Quick introductions are made, and Wonder Man expresses his interest in joining The Avengers, an idea which most of the team jumps on. Captain America is skeptical, a feeling which is only magnified when he discovers that Wonder Man owes his amazing powers to the work of Baron Zemo. Only a quickly enacted spell by Enchantress manages to placate Cap.

Thanks to the effects of Enchantress’ spell, The Avengers all begin to investigate ways in which they can save Wonder Man from his impending death. Despite all of their combined knowledge The Avengers fail to find a cure for Wonder Man’s condition.

As the week draws to a close, Wonder Man and Wasp journey to South America where Wonder Man shows his true colors, betraying Wasp to imprisonment by Zemo. To further The Masters’ plans, Wonder Man then uses a radio to call the remaining Avengers, requesting a rescue for himself and Wasp. All of the Avengers quickly make their way to Zemo’s jungle fortress.

Upon their arrival, The Avengers make early gains against The Masters of Evil, but the tide quickly turns once Wonder Man makes his loyalties known by attacking The Avengers. In quick succession Thor, Giant Man and Captain America are all subdued by Wonder Man. Iron Man nearly frees Thor from his imprisonment in a boulder covered pit, but Enchantress places him under a spell, ending all hope for The Avengers.

Things begin to look even more grim and Zemo orders Wonder Man to bring Wasp so that the Masters can execute the heroes once and for all. For Wonder Man, this is a bridge too far and he refuses to kill defenseless people. Wonder Man disrupts Zemo’s preparations and manages to free Thor before Executioner engages him. With the remaining Avengers quickly recovering, The Masters realize that they are no match for The Avengers plus Wonder Man and they flee. Zemo has one final trick up his sleeve though, collapsing the cave behind himself. Only the actions of Giant Man and Wasp prevent Iron Man and Captain America from being crushed beneath the falling rock.

As the team regroups to reflect on what has just happens, they become aware that time has run out for Wonder Man. As he dies, The Avengers lament the fact that they didn’t have more time in which to help save Wonder Man and reflect on the actions of a complex, but ultimately noble man.


Captain America
Iron Man


Masters of Evil
Baron Zemo
Wonder Man

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