Janet Van Dyne. Daughter of wealthy socialite and scientist Dr. Vernon Van Dyne and girlfriend of Hank Pym. Joins Pym as his partner after her father is killed by a monster from space which was drawn to Earth by his work. Has the ability to shrink in size, much like Ant Man. Can fly by means of small, insect like wings when in her miniaturized state due to wasp cells implanted by Dr. Pym. Openly declares her love for Pym very early in their relationship, though Pym does not immediately reciprocate these feelings. Wasp is nearly killed when she was struck by a bullet battling Count Nefaria, suffering a collapsed lung and with the other threatening to do the same (Avengers #13). She is saved by the quick actions of her fellow Avengers and specialist, Dr. Svenson (Avengers #14).

After recovering from her ordeal, Wasp decided it was time to take a much needed leave of absence from the team, and departed with her boyfriend, Ant-Man (Avengers #16).

First Appearance: Tales to Astonish #44
Joined Avengers: Avengers #1
Left Avengers: Avengers #16