Color Him…The Red Guardian

Avengers #46

Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciller: John Buscema
Inker: George Bell
Letterer: Jerry Man

Featured Issue: Avengers #43

Plot Summary

As Quicksilver demonstrates a newly discovered ability, Captain America and Hercules finally meet. Although both men attempt to gain the measure of one another, they eventually come to a pleasant understanding. Meanwhile, a lawyer arrives to inform Wasp that she has come into the inheritance from her late father, making her exceedingly wealthy. Unfortunately, things are not as rosy for Hawkeye as he searches for information about the location of Black Widow. Hawkeye is eventually successful and the bowman drafts Hercules to aid him in his efforts. Behind the Bamboo Curtain, Black Widow’s captors introduce their latest creation, the Red Guardian, a communist counterpart to Captain America. When Hawkeye and Hercules arrive at the secret communist base, they make short work of the henchmen lying in wait, but soon the pair face off against the Red Guardian. With Hawkeye quickly out of the picture, Red Guardian tricks Hercules into entering the dreaded Psychotron, where he is forced to unsuccessfully relive the fights against his greatest foes. Red Guardian’s minor detour allowed Hawkeye enough time to rejoin the fight, but he is unfortunately no match for the communist stooge. After falling before his foe, Hawkeye is captured and adding insult to injury, the Red Guardian is revealed to be the husband of Hawkeye’s love, Black Widow.


Captain America
Scarlet Witch


Colonel Ling
General Brushov
Red Guardian

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