Captain America


Real Name: Steve Rodgers
Powers: Enhanced strength, endurance, agility and intelligence as a result of the Super Soldier Serum. Advanced military training. Wields a shield made from the nearly indestructible, vibration absorbing metal, Vibranium.

Given experimental super soldier serum, Steve Rodgers is transformed from an underweight, sickly man unfit for service into a super soldier. The serum’s creator, Dr. Erskin was killed shortly after Steve’s transformation, making him the only such super soldier in existence. Fought in WWII against the Nazis and believed dead after being lost in the Atlantic. Kept alive instead, frozen in a block of ice. Eventually thawed out in after being rescued by the Avengers (Avengers #4). Cap quickly joined the Avengers, become their unofficial field leader and frequent chairperson.

Cap is frequently haunted by the death of his former sidekick, Bucky. As a result Cap is unwilling to take the same risk with Hulk’s former associate, Rick Jones. Captain America is also forced to regularly confront Baron Heinrich Zemo, the Nazi scientist responsible for Bucky’s death, now the head of the Masters of Evil (Avengers #6).

Following the Death of Baron Zemo (Avengers #15) and the departure of his teammates, Captain America becomes the leader of The Avengers, taking on the responsibility to train the next generation of heroes (Avengers #16). Unfortunately, the new Avengers don’t see eye to eye with Cap and Cap eventually threatens to leave the team (Avengers #22). Captain America is eventually taken captive by the Sons of the Serpent and publicly appears to have bought in to their hateful rhetoric. In the end it turns out to be an imposter and the real Cap is rescued by Hawkeye and Black Widow (Avengers #33).  While on a mission to save Black Widow, Captain America is forced to faceoff against his Soviet counterpart, the Red Guardian. When Red Guardian’s handlers attempt to kill Cap, Red Guardian stops them out of respect for Cap (Avengers #44)

Cap eventually leaves the team to pursue a relationship with Agent 13 of S.H.I.E.L.D.. As he leaves however, he appoints Black Panther to fill his place on the team (Avengers #51). Although not officially a member, Cap would continue to work with the team, such as when they used Dr. Doom’s time machine to travel back and witness the death of Bucky (Avengers #56).

First appearance: Captain America Comics #1.
Joined Avengers: Avengers #4

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