The Valiant Also Die

Avengers #44

Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciller: John Buscema
Inker: Vince Colletta
Letterer: Sam Rosen

Featured Issue: Avengers #44

Plot Summary

After Red Guardian destroys Hawkeye’s world with the revelation the he is Black Widow’s husband, Red Guardian takes a few moments to mock Hawkeye in order to further to crush his spirit. As all of this is happening, Hercules, the Scion of Olympus is still trapped within the Psychotron, fighting for his life against nightmare versions of his great works. Meanwhile, Colonel Ling and General Brushov discuss how they might use the Psychotron to conquer the Western powers. When the other Avengers arrive at the hidden communist base, they are immediate attacked by the troops stationed there, and when Captain America is separated from his teammates, he quickly confronts Red Guardian. Although Red Guardian initially takes the initiave, Cap makes a comeback and is only defeated when he is stunned from behind. Just as he begins to protest, Red Guardian, along with his handlers are knocked down as Hercules breaks out of the Psychotron. As the base is consumed by fire, Red Guardian sacrifices himself in order to save Captain America. The issue ends with a recovering Black Widow telling Hawkeye the truth about her past with Red Guardian and how it led to her becoming Black Widow.


Captain America
Scarlet Witch


Colonel Ling
General Brushov
Red Guardian

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