Real Name: N/A
Powers: Super strength. Near immortality

Hero of legend and son of the god Zeus, Hercules first encounters the Avengers when he is bewitched by Enchantress into fighting the heroes (Avengers #38). Even though he regains control over himself, because he went to Earth without the permission of Zeus, Hercules is banished to Earth for a year. Hercules then accepts an offer to stay with the Avengers during his banishment, though things don’t start off particularly smoothly. When the Avengers respond to call from Captain America to prevent the Cosmic Cube from falling into the wrong hands, Hercules is forced to fight a Cosmic Cube powered Namor (Avengers #40). Later, Hercules battled the android Dragon Man in order to save Wasp (Avengers #42). As his relationships with the Avengers begin warm, Hercules accompanies Hawkeye on a mission to rescue Black Widow from her former handlers. Unfortunately the pair are captured and Hercules is forced into the dreamed Psychotron where he replays many of his heroic fights, but to staggering defeat after defeat (Avengers #43)

After accepting a permanent membership with the Avengers (Avengers #45), Hercules journeys back to Mount Olympus hoping that his new found status will prove to his father that he is worthy to return. Much to his horror he finds Olympus deserted and the Promethean Flame extinguished (Avengers #49). The gods of Olympus have been removed from existence by Typhon, an exiled titan. When Hercules confronts him, he is initially sent to join the gods, but returns and restores the gods to their proper place (Avengers #50). For his actions, Zeus welcomes his son home with open arms and Hercules leaves the Avengers.


First Appearance: Avengers #38
Joined Avengers: Avengers #45

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