Suddenly…The Sub-Mariner

Avengers #40

Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciller: Don Heck
Inker: George Bell
Letterer: Sam Rosen

Featured Issue: Avengers #40

Plot Summary

Upon returning to Avengers Mansion after defeating the Mad Thinker, the Avengers take some time to clean up after their recent battle. Elsewhere in Arizona, Black Widow makes her escape from a secret military base for her return to her old masters. Deep beneath the sea, Namor, the Sub-Mariner, demonstrates his martial strength and right to rule over Atlantis by competing in the gladiatorial arena. Namor’s revelry is interrupted by the arrival of an American submarine which attempts to blast its way through nearby coral with torpedoes. After dispatching this intruder, Namor sets out for the submarine’s home port in order to destroy any other that may threaten his kingdom. Meanwhile, the Avengers receive a message from Captain America asking the Avengers to help him by searching for the Cosmic Cube. While on their way to search for the Cube, the Avengers see Namor attacking the submarine base and stop to aid in its defense. Hercules inadvertently informs Namor of their mission, and Namor is able to quickly recover the Cube. With the Cosmic Cube enhancing his powers, Namor summons a creature to fight the Avengers, while Namor himself deals with Hercules. Although Hercules is overpowered, Namor decides to give Hercules a more fair fight during which Wasp is able to separate Namor from the Cosmic Cube. With his enhanced powers gone, Namor returns to his aquatic realm. In the end, Mole Man discovers the Cosmic Cube, but discards it, failing to understand its power and bemoaning his desperate need of powerful weapons.


Scarlet Witch



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