Till Death Do Us Part

Avengers #60

Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciller: John Buscema
Inker: Mickey Demeo
Letterer: Sam Rosen

Featured Issue: Avengers #60

Plot Summary

Though horrified by the thought, Captain America reads the wedding invitation announcing the union of Wasp and the newly arrived hero, Yellowjacket. With this news, he makes his way to Avengers Mansion in order to attend the ceremony, though none of the assembled Avengers are particularly thrill about the situation. Even with the arrival of the happy couple and minister, things don’t improve. Last to arrive are the caterers, though little does anyone know that the real caterers have been replaced by the Circus of Crime. The villainous team hopes to take down as many of the assembled heroes as possible, knowing that most of the superheroes will be present for the wedding. When Hawkeye shows up to call on Wasp, he is chased off by the Inhuman, Crystal. Crystal then goes back in to the room to help Sue Storm with getting Wasp ready. Although Crystal questions Wasp, Janet is more determined than ever to go through with the wedding.

After the ceremony is complete, Hawkeye storms off, only to accidentially run into the Circus of Crime. Having not yet finished their preparations, they attack and capture Hawkeye. When they are ready, the Circus lets loose a giant python, hidden in the wedding cake, which immediately attacks Wasp while the rest of the Circus attacks the assembled heroes. Although Janet is initially freed, the python once again manages to get a hold of her. Immediately, Yellowjacket begins to breakdown at his inability to help his beloved and then without warning, he grows to incredible size, revealing himself to have been Goliath all along. With the return of the oversized Avenger, the Circus of Crime doesn’t stand a chance and they are quickly routed. When Hawkeye is able to free himself and join the fight, he is shocked to find that it is already over and that Goliath has returned. Wasp then explains that she had known it was Goliath for a while and that he was suffering from accident induced schizophrenia, which caused him to create the persona of Yellowjacket.


Black Panther
Captain America


Circus of Crime

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