Some Say The World Will End In Fire…Some Say In Ice

Avengers #61

Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciller: John Buscema
Inker: George Klein
Letterer: Sam Rosen

Featured Issue: Avengers #61

Plot Summary

With Wasp and Goliath away on their honeymoon the rest of the Avengers spend some time pursuing an experiment. That is, until they are interrupted by the astral form of Doctor Strange. The Sorcerer Supreme requests that the Avengers follow his astral form and aid him in saving the world from a threat greater than he alone can handle. When they arrive, the Avengers find their occasional ally, Black Knight, lying wounded in a crypt. Doctor Strange explains that Black Knight had been aiding him in his fight against the Sons of Satannish and stepped in front of an attack intended for him, saving his life. Strange then goes on to say that the only thing that matters is saving the world. Hearing this, Black Panther cuts Strange short and the Avengers demand he help save Black Knight’s life. Although he was a gifted surgeon before his accident, Strange has not operated on a patient since and is understandably concerned about the outcome. Fortunately, the Doctor is more than up to the challenge and Black Knight is saved. With their ally saved, the Avengers return their attention to the bizarre happenings. Vision reports that a volcano is erupting in Antarctica, while Black Panther’s African home of Wakanda is under a storm of snow and ice. Splitting up, Vision and Black Panther head to Wakanda and Hawkeye and Black Knight head to Antarctica. Both groups are in for a surprise as they find the giants Ymir and Surtur respectively. Although grossly overmatched, the Avengers fight on bravely until Doctor Strange is able to harness the power of the Crystal of Conquest and transport Surtur to Ymir exact location. When the two inadvertently hit one another, their elemental natures cancel each other out, saving the day just in time.


Black Panther



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