Real Name: N/A
Powers: Synthetic humanoid, Flight, Enhanced strength, Ability to change molecular density, Energy blasts, Absorbs solar energy

The synthezoid known as Vision has his origins in the hateful heart of the Avengers’ villain Ultron. Created by the robot following Ultron’s failed attempt at defeating the Avengers with the newly reconstituted Masters of Evil. Vision was initially sent to attack Wasp in her apartment, but suffered a breakdown in the process. Avengers then returned Vision to Avengers Mansion for additional study where he suffered a second attack. After agreeing to take the Avengers to his master’s secret lair, Vision confronts Ultron and destroys him (Avengers #57). Following a full Avengers vote, Vision is accepted on the team, providing him with a much needed home and the team with some much needed muscle (Avengers #58)

Vision’s personality is based on the memory tape of Wonder Man that Ultron stole when he escaped from Hank Pym’s lab (Avengers #58). In spite of this, Vision often spends his time musing about his place in humanity. Is he machine? Is he man? Perhaps his is both and neither, all at the same time.

First Appearance: Avengers #57
Joined Avengers: Avengers #58

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