The Monarch And The Man-Ape

Avengers #62

Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciller: John Buscema
Inker: George Klein
Letterer: Art Simek

Featured Issue: Avengers #62

Plot Summary

While it appears the Avengers are trapped on a snowy mountain top in Antarctica, the team is rescued by the arrival of Black Panther’s personal aircraft. Wanting to check in on his home country after the attack by Ymir, the Avengers travel with Black Panther to Wakanda. Although they are initially attacked when the arrive, the guards stop immediately upon seeing their sovereign. On further questioning, the guards report they were only acting on the orders of Black Panther’s regent, M’Baku. Meanwhile, when M’Baku is informed of Black Panther’s return, he begins to plot a coup with the help of his seneschal, N’Gamo. At the welcome home feast, M’Baku springs his plan, drugging Black Panther and his teammates. When Black Panther wakes, he finds M’Baku not in his normal regalia, but in the mantle of the forbidden white gorilla and calling himself Man-Ape. The Man-Ape then challenges Black Panther to a trial by combat for the leadership of Wakanda, using his enhanced strength to quickly gain the upper hand. Knowing that he’ll never survive the fight at the rate it’s going, Black Panther changes tactics and lures Man-Ape into a temple when he is able to knock Man-Ape out. Or so it seemed. Little does Black Panther know, but Man-Ape was just stunned and as Black Panther walks away, he is ambushed and forced out on to a narrow beam at the mouth of an atomic furnace. Although Black Panther manages to defeat Man-Ape, his good hearted nature betrays him when Man-Ape shocks him into unconsciousness when Black Panther tries to save Man-Ape’s life. When Black Panther again awakens, he is tied to an alter before his giant panther statue. Meanwhile, as Man-Ape attempts to topple the statue, it’s base crumbles, causing it to fall backwards on to Man-Ape. As the Avengers arrive on scene to free their teammate, they find Man-Ape crushed beneath the ruins of the panther statue.


Black Panther



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