And In This Corner…Goliath

Avengers #63Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciller: Gene Colan
Inker: George Klein
Letterer: Art Simek

Featured Issue: Avengers #63

Plot Summary

On their return from Wakanda, the Avengers find themselves in a damaged aircraft hurtling towards the New York skyline. As the heroes deftly work to avert catastrophe, Hawkeye attempts to anchor the aircraft using an electromagnetic arrow. At the last minute however his bowstring breaks and only the quick action of Vision manages to save the aircraft and prevent a disaster. Although Hawkeye is feeling down on himself, his pity party is put on hold when the returning Avengers run into their teammates Wasp and Yellow Jacket, recently returned from their honeymoon. After explaining that he would not be returning to his Goliath persona, Yellow Jacket places an unused costume and his newest growth serum in to storage, so they can be safely destroyed later. Moments later, their reunion is interrupted by Nick Fury calling to inform them that Black Widow has been captured and needs rescue. The Avengers readily agree to help, but as the Avengers chairman, Black Panther insists that Hawkeye stay behind due to his personal connections to Black Widow.

With his teammates gone and the woman he loves in danger, Hawkeye spends his time moping around Avengers Mansion until he receives a message from Black Widow. Widow tells Hawkeye that she is being held somewhere in New York, far away from the location Nick Fury provided the Avengers. Hawkeye quickly realizes that he is the only one who can save Black Widow, but doubts his abilities. So to compensate, Hawkeye takes the costume and growth serum, transforming himself into the new Goliath. The newly minted hero quickly makes his way to Coney Island where Black Widow’s captors, Puppet Master, Mad Thinker and Egghead have her hidden away. Unable and unwilling to confront the supersized Goliath, the villains release a like sized android to face off against Goliath. The two titans pound each other nearly senseless, but when the android attempts to climb an observation tower with Black Widow, Goliath finishes the fight by knocking him to the ground where the creature creates its own grave deep in the ground.


Black Panther


Mad Thinker
Puppet Master

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