Like A Death Ray In The Sky

Avengers #64

Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciller: Gene Colan
Inker: George Klein
Letterer: Sam Rosen

Featured Issue: Avengers #64

Plot Summary

After an orbiting space station destroys a mid-western town, the Avengers are left struggling to respond. With the threat of another attack looming, the heroes find themselves grasping at straws when a familiar face arrives, though not in the form they are expecting. The newly minted Goliath explains himself and even goes so far as to break his old bow in order to demonstrate his dedication to this new persona. Just as the Avengers are wrapping their heads around the new reality, Jarvis enters with an unexpected guest, local mobster Barney Barton. After a bumpy introduction, Barton tells the Avengers that he knows where to find Egghead’s lethal satellite. As it should happen, the malevolent madman attempted to recruit Barton and several of his comrades into aiding in his scheme. When the mobsters turned him down, Egghead sent a robot after them and Barton, unlike his friends, was lucky to escape with his life. After that experience, Barton knew he had to go tell the Avengers.

Based on this information, the Avengers are soon blasting their way into orbit in search of Egghead. To their surprise, the space station was exactly where Barton said it would be. With some help from Vision’s phasing abilities, the Avengers dock with the station and quickly board it. But of course Egghead is prepared and his robots immediately throw themselves at the heroes. The battle goes well until Egghead uses a paralysis ray on some Avengers dolls, given to him by Puppet Master. Slowly the Avengers begin to falter, for reasons they can’t explain. Fortunate for the Avengers, Barney Barton decided to join them on the mission, and as Egghead has no doll in his likeness, Barney is able to attack Egghead and destroy the paralysis ray. However, to the sorrow of the Avengers, Barton is killed in the process. Barton dies in the arms of his brother Clint, the man known as Goliath.


Black Panther



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