Mightier Than The Sword?

Avengers #65Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciller: Gene Colan
Inker: Sam Grainger
Letterer: Sam Rosen

Featured Issue: Avengers #65

Plot Summary

The villainous Swordsman slashes his way through a rooftop billboard and makes his way to a warehouse, where he answers a summons from an unknown client. Upon his arrival, Swordsman finds Egghead is behind the offer, and Egghead attempts ingratiate himself with the swashbuckler by informing him of the identity of the Avenger known as Hawkeye. Much as Swordsman suspected, the heroic archer is none other than his former apprentice, Clint Barton. Having filled in the details of their past relationship, Egghead hires Swordsman to kidnap his longtime foe, Goliath. At Avengers Mansion, a black mood has settled over the Avengers. After the fateful conclusion of the events on the space station, the heroes discovered that their deceased informant, Barney Barton was the older brother of their friend and teammate, Goliath. When pressed, Goliath fills in the Avengers about the last time he and his brother parted ways. In spite of the words of his compatriots Goliath’s mood cannot be lifted and he is wholly bent on avenging his fallen brother. Unfortunately, their grief is interrupted by the arrival of Swordsman, who manages to gain access to the mansion using his old access codes. Given his mental state and the connections between his past and Swordsman, Goliath refuses to allow his fellow Avengers to help him take on Swordsman, going so far as to attack his fellow Avengers to prevent them from interfering. All this serves to do is allow Swordsman to defeat Goliath and abduct the oversized hero.

Rather regrettably, Egghead failed to be more specific when giving orders to Swordsman. As such, Swordsman kidnapped the wrong Avenger, not knowing that Hawkeye was Goliath and Goliath now Yellowjacket. When Egghead discovers Swordsman’s mistake the two villains throw themselves at one another in rage. During the scuffle Goliath awakens, just as Egghead uses a stun weapon to force Swordsman out a window. Quickly disabling Egghead, Goliath assembles a makeshift bow and rescues Swordsman, moments before he would have perished against the pavement below. Thinking back on his actions, Goliath decides that his actions are in atonement for giving up on his ne’er-do-well brother. Had he done differently, Barney might still be alive.


Black Panther



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