Jacques Duquesne was a circus star known for his skills with a sword. For a time Duquesne took a young Clint Barton under his wing and helped the young man become a skillful archer. When Barton discovered that Duquesne was stealing from the circus, Barton confronted him over it and after the ensuing chase and scuffle Duquesne left the youth for dead. After taking on the moniker of Swordsman, Duquesne attempted to join The Avengers, thinking that he would be able to get away with whatever he desired with an Avengers ID. When he was denied membership, Swordsman kidnapped Captain America in an attempt to force his teammates to accept Swordsman in exchange of Cap’s life. (Avengers #19)

First Appearance: Avengers #19
Most Recent Appearance: Avengers #20

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