Even An Android Can Cry

Avengers #58

Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciller: John Buscema
Inker: George Klein
Letterer: Sam Rosen

Featured Issue: Avengers #58

Plot Summary

With the Avengers considering offering membership to Vision, the entire Avengers roster makes their way to Avengers Mansion. While Iron Man and Thor contemplate Vision’s worthiness, Captain America decides to move things along by attacking Vision. When Iron Man and Thor also get involved but become stalemated against Vision, it becomes clear that this was all part of Cap’s plan to encourage his teammates to accept Vision. The only doubts the remain involve Vision’s lack of memory, but even those fall away when Vision is able to push through his mental walls and reveal more about his origins. Having been created by Ultron, Vision suffered at the hand of his creator who refused to answer his questions about life and treated him as inferior. All of this conversation regarding androids causes Goliath to think about the work he had been doing based on the android Dragon Man. With that the Avengers travel to Hank’s suburban lab to find that it had been boarded up. With the aid of a memory retrieval device, Goliath remembers his creation of a robot which began to learn at an exponential rate and then attack Pym. After several upgrades, this robot would become Ultron 5. The final revelation in the lab is that the memory tape of Wonder Man is missing, implying that Vision’s personality is based on the former tragic  Avenger’s villain. With this information, the Avengers offer the stoic Vision a membership on the team. After accepting, Vision walks away for some personal reflection time and sheds a single tear in recognition of this momentous occasion.


Black Panther
Captain America
Iron Man



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