Avengers #66

Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciller: Barry Windsor-Smith
Inker: Syd Shores
Letterer: Art Simek

Featured Issue: Avengers #66

Plot Summary

At the request of S.H.I.E.L.D., the Avengers participate in the evaluation of a new metal alloy, adamantium. As the metal shrugs off the best efforts of Thor, Iron Man and Goliath, Iron Man can’t help but wonder what might happen if this substance were to fall in to the wrong hands. As his teammates marvel at the properties of this amazing new metal, Vision begins to feel powerful stabbing pains, eventually pushing him to leave unexpectedly. After leaving the Helicarrier, Vision makes his way to the grave of Simon Williams, Wonder Man, whom Vision’s personality was based on. As he looks on this grave, Vision has a sudden urge to complete some unknown task and he flies off.

Back at Avengers Mansion, Yellowjacket and Wasp wonder what happened to Vision and how much they really know about their newest teammate. Iron Man, with the help of Thor and Goliath is taking some time to participate in a training session. When the session heats up, Goliath becomes concerned, but those concerns are allayed by Thor explaining that the computer is incapable of truly harming Iron Man.

Meanwhile, Vision returns to the helicarrier in order to steal the adamantium as part of his unknown project. Although he does not wish to harm anyone, Vision is forced to incapacitate a guard in order to achieve his goal. The guard is left a shell of a man and Vision continues on his way.

As Iron Man’s training session wraps up, leaving him barely able to stand, Yellowjacket calls the Avengers to a meeting. Having received the report that Vision was responsible for stealing the adamantium, the heroes begin to formulate a plan when they hear Wasp scream from upstairs. Finding Wasp stunned and on the floor, the Avengers quickly discover Vision just around the corner. When the Avengers attack Vision for his obvious assault on Wasp, he merely evades them, never choosing to engage. As the mansion begins to rumble, it is clear that Vision has just been buying time for an even greater threat, the newly rebuilt Ultron.


Black Panther
Iron Man