Among Us Walks a Goliath

Writer: Stan Lee
Penciller: Don Heck
Inker: Frank Ray
Letterer: Art Simek

Plot Summary

Upon their return to Avengers Mansion, the team finds a message waiting for them from Hank Pym. As the good doctor reveals, Wasp was overdue returning to their ship and he is worried that something has happened to her. In order to get the Avengers to pick him up, Pym is forced to reveal his identity as Giant Man. Cap sends Hawkeye to pick up Pym.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Wasp has been taken captive by the Beetle who subsequently brought her to the Collector who is interested in acquiring a complete set of Avengers. When Beetle offers to go attack the Avengers, Collector instead decides to make the Avengers come to them.

Although the Avengers welcome Pym back to the team, they also insist that he prove his claim of being Giant Man. Before Pym has a chance to demonstrate his powers, a mysterious voice contacts the Avengers and claims to be holding Wasp hostage. If the Avengers want to rescue her, they must come to the coordinates provided. Pym then swallows his doubts and concerns and clothed in the new costume provided by Scarlet Witch, he steps into an abandoned alley to change size. At first nothing happens and Hawkeye begins to doubt the doctor’s claim. But almost without warning, Giant Man grows to a height of 25 ft tall and Hawkeye is forced to eat his words. Cap comments that he is truly a goliath which Pym likes and decides to change his name to Goliath. Although he is able to grow much taller than previously able, Goliath must stay at that height for 15 minutes before changing size again. To do otherwise would cause his body too much strain and could prove very dangerous.

After waiting the allotted time, the Avengers board the their jet and head off to the location provided by the mysterious voice. On arriving, the Avengers make their way through the mountains until a rock wall slides open before them, revealing the Collectors castle. Leaving Hawkeye outside on guard duty, the rest of the team heads inside, only to become isolated from one another and gassed into unconsciousness. When the team awakens, they have all been captured, including Hawkeye and their captor introduces himself. Though happy to have the Avengers, the Collector is angry because he must have Giant Man for his complete set, and he doesn’t recognize Giant Man in his new guise as Goliath. Letting his anger show, Goliath grows to his full height, demands to know where Wasp is and then attacks the Collector. Collector manages to make his escape using several of the items in his collection, including a cape made from a flying carpet and roman catapult. Given Goliath’s size, he is unable to give chase, but the rest of the team follow after the Collector.

While Quicksilver gets ahead, the rest of the team is attacked by the Beetle who is waiting in ambush. The Beetle hopes that if he performs well then the Collector will give him the antidote to the obedience potion he gave him. Although the Avengers initially perform well against the Beetle, the villain manages to separate them and knock out Captain America.

As Beetle keeps Cap, Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch busy, Quicksilver and Goliath confront the Collector. Diving even deeper into his arsenal, the Collector manages to disable Quicksilver, but Goliath puts up more of a fight, going so far as to destroy the Collector’s crystal ball. The Collector’s final gambit is to use beans to summon giants to combat Goliath. Though outnumber, Goliath makes quick work of his new foes. Meanwhile the rest of the Avengers regroup and regain consciousness, once again pressing the fight. While the Avengers certainly have the upper hand, Collector threatens to kill Wasp unless the Avengers surrender. Fortunately Quicksilver is able to rescue the tiny Avenger and things are forced to a standoff until Collector reaches for his time machine and vanishes into else-time. With the love of his life now safe, Goliath attempts to return to normal size, only to stop at ten feet tall and collapse, his teammates rushing to his side.


Captain America
Scarlet Witch