The Warlord And The Witch

Avengers #75

Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciller: John Buscema
Inker: Tom Palmer
Letterer: Sam Rosen

Featured Issue: Avengers #75

Plot Summary

Panic races through the heart of Jarvis, butler and caretaker of Avengers Mansion. An alarm has been tripped indicating an intruder in the headquarters aircraft section. To his shock and concern, the invader seems to be hurtling past all of the Mansions defenses at unimaginable speed, quickly arriving before the astonished servant. The culprit is none other than the mutant speedster and former Avengers, Quicksilver. Demanding to know where the Avengers are, Jarvis informs him that they are away at Pier 12. Quicksilver begins to rest from his long journey but is driven to action at Jarvis’ mere mention of Quicksilver’s sister, the Scarlet Witch.

At the pier, the Avengers are seeing off their teammates Yellowjacket and Wasp, along with Bill Foster. Yellowjacket has accepted a research position in Alaska and the trio’s ship is preparing to set sail. As the vessel departs, the remaining Avengers notice a strong breeze suddenly sweeping through the area. Captain America rightly determines that the breeze is no accident but instead caused by someone moving at high speed. Instead of trying to talk to Quicksilver, Goliath takes the impulsive action to attack. Quicksilver makes short work of most of the Avengers, but when he tries to knock over Vision, the mass-changing android manages to stop Pietro dead in his tracks.

As cooler heads prevail, Quicksilver explains that the reason for his haste and temperament is that Scarlet Witch is in dire peril and that he has come to ask the aid of the Avengers in saving her. Having lost her hex powers many months earlier, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Toad journeyed on a quest attempting to restore Wanda’s lost powers. After scouring every library they could find, Toad suggests they try a cloister that he had forgotten about until just then. When the trio arrive they are greeted by an ancient figure who offers they access to the library, but warns them not to attempt any restorations without him present for fear that they could not handle it alone. After many hours and just when they were on the verge of abandoning their search, Pietro accidentally discovered a hidden compartment with yet another book. The siblings both feel that the book is calling to them and that the book itself in enchanted, turning pages all on its own until it reveals a nameless spell. Failing to heed the counsel of their host, Wanda reads the spell and inadvertently summons Arkon the Magnificent.

Almost immediately Arkon’s gaze seizes upon Scarlet Witch and he declares her his mate. When this does not go over well with the trio of mutants, they attack Arkon, but are hurled back with Arkon seemingly destroying Toad with a lightning bolt shaped javelin. With his attackers subdued, Arkon goes on to tell Scarlet Witch that he has come from a parallel Earth where he is the magnificent ruler of the world, having earned this position by being the most powerful warrior in their brutal and martial society. After obtaining power Arkon is visited by an elderly man who informs him of a pending doom for his planet. An energy ring which surrounds their world and provides it with light has begun to disintegrate. Soon all life on the planet has begun to break down and even Arkon is unable to stop the decay of his home. Then suddenly, when all hope seemed lost, light returned to their world. Summoning the elder again, Arkon demands to know where this light came from. He soon learns that it has been generated by the energy from a nuclear blast on Earth and that the light will only last for a year. The elder goes on to say that although the people of Earth use the weapon for war, they are quickly turning towards peace, a peace which will once again endanger his world. Seeking to prevent this, Arkon is determined to travel to Earth so that a properly placed nuclear blast of sufficient magnitude can provide light for generations. Being unable to travel there of his own power, he caused the book to appear to Scarlet Witch, thus leading her to read the required incantation to bring Arkon to Earth. His tale complete, Arkon uses another one of his lightning bolts to transport Scarlet Witch to his home and then quickly follows suit.

Back in New York, Quicksilver finishes relaying everything that has happened to the Avengers. While they are concerned, the Avengers feel that Quicksilver’s story is a bit beyond belief. That is until a news report comes across the television claiming that a man wielding lightning bolts has attacked a meeting of top international scientists. Arkon singles out the top nuclear physicists in the group and teleports them away, leaving the world shocked and worried what nuclear horrors are in store.


Black Panther
Captain America
Scarlet Witch


Arkon The Magnificent

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