Mayhem Over Manhattan

Avengers #55

Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciller: John Buscema
Inker: George Klein
Letterer: Sam Rosen

Featured Issue: Avengers #55

Plot Summary

Having captured the Avengers, the Masters of Evil return to their hidden base, though all is not well as the villains begin to squabble amongst themselves. When Goliath attempts escape while being moved by Klaw, he is quickly brought down by a gas pellet from Crimson Cowl. Klaw then decides to turn on his leader, but even his most powerful blast leaves Crimson Cowl untouched and Klaw begging for his life after his mistake. The Avengers are then lowered into a specially designed atomic bomb which the Crimson Cowl intends to hold New York hostage with. Elsewhere, we find Jarvis being confronted by the Crimson Cowl. In yet another twist, it is revealed that Jarvis was never the real Cowl, but that the decoy robot was in charge the whole time and that Jarvis was his unwitting pawn. Beaten and left for dead, Jarvis makes his way towards Avengers Mansion, and is found by Black Knight. After Jarvis explains the situation, Black Knight rushes off to rescue the Avengers by attacking the Masters of Evil’s aircraft. With the Avengers freed, the remaining Masters have no chance and are quickly defeated, though the  Crimson Cowl, whose real name is Ultron 5 escapes. When Black Knight explains how he managed to find the Avengers, the team accepts Jarvis’ apology and once again embrace their misguided friend.


Black Panther


Black Knight
Crimson Cowl
Radioactive Man

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