And We Battle For The Earth

Avengers #68

Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciller: Sal Buscema
Inker: Sam Grainger
Letterer: Sam Rosen

Featured Issue: Avengers #68

Plot Summary

With the fate of New York hanging in the balance, there is nothing the Avengers can do to stop Ultron. Pulling the lever, Ultron seals the fate of the city…until nothing happens. As Ultron attempts to determine the cause of this malfunction, the Avengers break into the control room to confront the android. Using his ionic force ability, Ultron flees the scene and the Avengers are left to confront their wayward teammate, Vision. Just before collapsing, Vision tells the Avengers that he is responsible for the failure of Ultron’s scheme.

The Avengers rush their former teammate back to the mansion in hopes of saving his life. As they treat his wounds, the Avengers also use a mind probe in order to determine how Vision was able to manipulate the adamantium in order to create Ultron’s new body. The feat was accomplished using a molecular re-arranger, which S.H.I.E.L.D. scientists confirmed was stolen at the same time as the adamantium. Based on this new information, Yellowjacket develops a new plan and contacts Black Panther in order to acquire a sizeable quantity of vibranium which he happily provides.

Elsewhere, Ultron is contemplating his next move. Deciding that if he had more adamantium he could build an entire army of indestructible robots, Ultron intends to capture Dr. MacClain, the creator of the alloy. Fortunate for Ultron, the doctor is about to speak at the U.N., in the company of the Avengers. In the middle of Dr. MacClain’s speech, the he is interrupted by Ultron smashing his way through the floor below the podium. Introducing himself as Ultimate Ultron and wielding new skeletal legs, Ultron quickly puts down the guards that attempt to rescue the doctor. The Avengers also intervene in order to save MacClain, but in spite of an early leg up, they are unable to stop the rampaging android.

Once he has laid claim to Dr. MacClain, Ultron reveals a mind draining device from his chest and begins to strip the adamantium information out of the doctor’s head. Unfortunately for Ultron, something goes horrible wrong and he begins to writhe in agony. Unable to continue, Ultron vows to take New York with him as he begins a self-destruct. The Avengers jump into action and using the vibranium provided by Black Panther, they trap Ultron behind an impenetrable shield, containing the blast and saving the city. In the end, Dr. MacClain reveals that he is actually Hank Pym in disguise, having been hypnotized by Wasp to have a single thought in his mind, “Thou shalt not kill”. Ultron was unable to process this concept and decided that his destruction was the only answer.


Black Panther
Iron Man



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