The Sign Of The Serpent

Avengers #34

Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Don Heck
Letterer: Art Simek

Featured Issue: Avengers #32

Plot Summary

After returning from their South American adventure, the Avengers arrive home only to inadvertently set off their own security alarm. With their surprise out of the way, Cap pushes Goliath to find a solution for his failing powers. Meanwhile a racist, xenophobic group, The Sons of the Serpent meet and attack those they feel inferior and impure. When Goliath begins his work he determines to find a more capable lab assistant and with a suggestion from Tony Stark he finally settles on Bill Foster. Shortly after beginning his work with Goliath, Bill Foster suffers an assault from the Sons of the Serpent, though he is thankfully rescued by Goliath. With the help of Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D., the Avengers take the fight to the Sons of the Serpent, though the Sons score first blood by capturing Captain America and threatening to kill him if the Avengers get more involved. As a result, Goliath turns down a request from the Attorney General to help take down the Sons of the Serpent.


Captain America
Scarlet Witch


Sons of the Serpent

2 thoughts on “The Sign Of The Serpent”

    1. There is a slight change in powers. When Giant Man returned to the team in Avengers #28 he managed to push himself to an even greater size, 25ft vs. the original 10ft. And while it has nothing to do with his name, Goliath’s powers have been far less stable and predictable than Giant Man’s.

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