The Ultroids Attack

Avengers #36

Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: Don Heck
Letterer: Sam Rosen

Featured Issue: Avengers #36

Plot Summary

Upon his return to Avengers Mansion, Captain America is confronted by Scarlet Witch having returned from her Eastern European retreat. The lone Maximoff sibling then relates the story of what happened to her brother and her home town, stating that an unknown flying saucer landed in their town and that Quicksilver was taken captive while investigating. Unable to rescue her brother, Wanda then returned to recruit the aid of her teammates. As the Avengers assemble to determine their path forward, Hawkeye recommends offering membership to Black Widow. This suggestion is generally met with hostility and almost serves to split the team, if not for the protestations of Scarlet Witch. Returning to Scarlet Witch’s home town, the Avengers arrive and make their way into the saucer which has now moved underground, beneath the center of town. To the surprise of the entire team, they find both Quicksilver AND Scarlet Witch imprisoned. With her cover broken, the imposter Scarlet Witch reveals herself to be Ultrana, a creation of Ixar, the super computer that runs the saucer. The Avengers are then beset by Ixar’s Ultroids who intend to capture the Avengers in order to steal and absorb their powers, making them the most power army in the galaxy. One by one the Avengers are split up and captured until only Cap and Black Widow remain. As the pair attempt to free Scarlet Witch from her cylinder, they too fall before the unbelievable might of the Ultroids.


Black Widow
Captain America
Scarlet Witch