Black Widow

Communist super spy Natasha Romanova holds the title of Black Widow. While trying to spy on Tony Stark, Widow became involved with the future Avenger, Hawkeye. Black Widow made use of Hawkeye’s obvious infatuation with her in order to make him carry out missions against Stark. Later, Romanova was exposed, critically wounded, and taken back to her masters. These events drove Hawkeye to join the Avengers. (Avengers #16)

Months later, Black Widow returned to the United States, having undergone brainwashing under the direction of Hu Chen. As a result, she faithfully obeyed Chen’s orders to destroy the Avengers. Allied with Swordsman and Power Man, Black Widow nearly succeeded, but was defeated by the recently returned Goliath and Wasp. (Avengers #29)

First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #52

Most Recent Appearance: Avengers #29

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