The Space Phantom

Avengers 2

Writer: Stan Lee
Penciler: Jack Kirby
Inker: Paul Reinman
Letterer: Art Simek

Plot Summary

While the Avengers are having a regularly scheduled meeting in Tony Stark’s mansion, an alien known as the Space Phantom, descends from the heavens. Disguised as a meteor he arrives undetected and makes his way towards the Avengers. According to months of observation the Space Phantom knows that if he can defeat the Avengers, no one will remain that can stop his people from invading. Space Phantom takes the form of a nearby human, sending that person to Limbo, and makes his way to the mansion. The Avengers notice their uninvited guest and Hulk decides to confront him alone. Space Phantom promptly takes the form of Hulk, sending the real Hulk to Limbo. In his Hulk form, Space Phantom confronts The Avengers, working to drive a wedge between the team members. Eventually Space Phantom storms out, though out on the street he runs into Hulk’s friend, Rick Jones. Rick convinces Space Phantom to leave, however he soon realizes something isn’t right, and Space Phantom reveals himself to Jones, saying there is nothing he can do to stop Space Phantom’s plans. On his way back, Space Phantom, still in his Hulk guise, steals a new weapon system being tested by Stark Industries. When Tony Stark is informed, he rushes to the site in his alter ego as Iron Man to engage Hulk. Upon finding that Iron Man is providing more opposition than expected, Space Phantom changes into an insect, returning the real Hulk to deal with an assaulting Iron Man. Whilst the two Avengers continue their dual, Rick Jones manages to contact Ant-Man and Wasp and informs the pair of both Space Phantom’s plan and his identity assuming ability. The duo immediately make their way to break up the fight, however Space Phantom soon takes the form of Giant Man (Ant-Man’s new oversized form) and attacks Hulk. Becoming desperate to end the fight, Space Phantom becomes Iron Man after failing to achieve victory over Hulk. Wasp, meanwhile, has left the fight in search of Dr. Don Blake in an attempt to bring Thor into the battle. Upon their arrival, Wasp disables Iron Man/Space Phantom while Thor summons a storm to rust him over. As a last ditch effort, Space Phantom attempts to take the place of Thor, but is foiled when, instead of Thor being pulled into Limbo, Space Phantom finds himself cast into the voided dimension. Thor explains that because he is not human, the Space Phantom’s powers had the opposite effect, banishing their foe. While the threat may have passed, Iron Man’s comments during the battle have made Hulk realize how little the team trusts him, decides that he is better off on his own and departs.


Iron Man


Space Phantom

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