Magneto Walk The Earth

Avengers #47

Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciller: John Buscema
Inker: George Tuska
Letterer: L.R. Gregory

Featured Issue: Avengers #47

Plot Summary

Having been banished from Earth by the Stranger, Magneto rants to the only person around to hear him, his faithful lieutenant, Toad. For several months, Magneto has been in contact with some magnetic waves emanating from Earth which he hopes to use in his return. Little does Magneto know that these rays are being projected by Dane Whitman, nephew of the late Black Knight. While Whitman furthers his experiment, the Avengers begin to split up and go their separate ways. Captain America leaves to pursue a romantic relationship, Hawkeye begins to fight with Black Widow, Wasp and Goliath go off on vacation and finally Hercules goes in search of his fellow immortals on Olympus, only to find it abandoned. When Whitman reaches the zenith of his experiment, he is betrayed by his assistant who’s lack of control allows Magneto and Toad to transport back to Earth. Returned to their home, the pair immediately go about reforming the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, starting with former members Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. When the siblings fail to join him in his diabolic endeavors, they are quickly defeated by Magneto’s overwhelming powers.


Captain America
Scarlet Witch



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