To Conquer A Colossus

Avengers #37

Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: Don Heck
Letterer: Art Simek

Featured Issue: Avengers #37

Plot Summary

As the prisoners of the super computer Ixar, the Avengers are placed within the tubes of the Ability Assimilator. Before they are drained of their powers, Hawkeye pushes Ultrana to explain where Ixar came from and why it is on Earth. Ixar was once a man who lead an army of Ultroids in a never ending war. After giving up his mortal body, Ixar and his army travelled the galaxy looking for powerful beings whose abilities they could acquire to aid them in their war. After completing her tail, Ultrana and most of the Ultroid leave, with only a single guard remaining. Goliath uses his newly restored powers to shrink, escape from his tube, and free his fellow Avengers. The heroes make quick work of the Ultroids, forcing their surrender. All appears well until Ixar threatens to kill the burgomeister of the town. Ixar then absorbs his Ultroids and uses the energy to create a massive body for himself. Although the Avengers are able to score repeated blows on Ixar, the alien is able to overcome all of the attacks and lay the Avengers low. Only Hawkeye and Black Widow remain, when Hawkeye realizes that the burgomeister is actually Ixar’s real body. With this revelation the pair of heroes are able to threaten Ixar into releasing the Avengers and leaving Earth.


Black Widow
Captain America
Scarlet Witch



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