Enter…Dr. Doom

Writer: Stan Lee
Penciller: Don Heck
Inker: Dick Ayers
Letterer: Sam Rosen

Plot Summary

As the Avengers return from the future and their adventures with Kang, little do they know that they are being observed by none other than Dr. Doom! After all of his failed attempts to defeat the Fantastic Four, Doom has decided that in order to truly strike fear into the hearts of his enemy he must first defeat another team of heroes and in his estimation, the Avengers will fit that description nicely.

Now back home, the Avengers begin to unwind from their most recent adventure. While Scarlet Witch wonders what it is about Captain America that she is attracted to, Hawkeye similarly wonders why it is that Scarlet Witch is interested in Steve. As a result, Hawkeye decides to take off for a little while and clear his head. While Captain America initially disagrees with Hawkeye leaving, he allows him to take the evening off while reminding himself that the constant disagreement between the team members is not productive. After the rest of the team departs, Cap is left alone to remind himself that his mission is to keep the Avengers together, no matter the cost.

Several days later Scarlet Witch receives a surprising letter. Upon opening it, she rushes to tell her brother Pietro of the wonderful news contained inside. And while Quicksilver is initially perturbed by his sister interrupting an acrobatic act on “The Ed Sullivan Show”, he is also overjoyed upon hearing that the siblings have a distant aunt living in Latveria. Given that this is their only living relative, the pair are understandably excited at the prospect of meeting the woman. Eager to spread the word, they first encounter Hawkeye while he is training. The sudden interruption causes Hawkeye to miss his target and though he is immediately upset at the Maximoffs, he reminds himself to maintain his cool.

With his plan set in motion, Dr. Doom ceases his monitoring of the situation and departs to take a walk amongst his people. While there he sees a young crippled boy and stops to give him a gold coin. It is obvious that most of Doom’s people are infatuated with him and his rule, though even Doom is aware that not everyone is so enthralled.

Later, the Avengers arrive by train in Latveria and are arrested immediately upon their arrival. Only after they are taken to jail do any of the heroes remember that Latveria is ruled by the villainous Dr. Doom. Using her hex powers, Scarlet Witch makes quick work of the jail cell lock and the Avengers escape. Of course the Avengers could not have known that this was all part of Dr. Doom’s plan, and upon hearing that they have escaped, Doom seals his country beneath an impenetrable dome. Unable to escape the Avengers flee through town and eventually find their way to Doom’s castle.

As the team makes their way through the castle, they eventually find themselves face to face with Dr. Doom himself. With has superior technology and intellect, Doom makes quick work of the Avengers feeble attacks. The Avengers are only saved by a last ditch effort from Hawkeye who manages to melt Doom’s armor using one of his trick arrows. While Doom withdraws to replace his damaged armor, the Avengers retreat to some nearby caves in order to regroup. As Doom prepares for what he knows is coming, Doom once again walks among his people. This time however, things aren’t quite a rosy. When asked by the mother of the crippled boy to open the dome, Doom dismisses the request out of hand and the townspeople are left wondering if their love and faith have been misplaced.

Back in America, the Fantastic Four catch wind of the fighting between Dr. Doom and the Avengers. The Fantastic Four rush off to Washington to offer their services, only to be denied. Since Doom is the head of a friendly and sovereign nation, the Fantastic Four can’t involve themselves without causing an international incident.

Taking refuge in the caves, the Avengers contemplate their options. With the dome in place, it’s obvious that the people of Latveria are suffering and Quicksilver suggests that perhaps the Avengers should turn themselves over to Doom in order to put a quick end to the anguish. Captain America has a different approach. While he understands Quicksilver’s idea, he suggests instead that the Avengers go out fighting. In the end it is decided that the Avengers will once again attack Doom’s castle and either they will be captured, or they will manage to release the dome and escape. With that goal in mind, the Avengers make their way to once again confront Dr. Doom.

Although he has far superior firepower, the Avengers’ teamwork manages to overcome the odds and the team manages to stun Doom. With their foe incapacitated, the Avengers use a sneezing gas arrow to mask their escape, activate the redundant dome controls and then make their way safely out of Doom’s territory.


Captain America
Scarlet Witch


Dr. Doom