Doctor Doom

Victor Von Doom, the supreme nemesis of the Fantastic Four is an evil genius of unparalleled cunning. Raised in Latveria by his Romani family, Doom drew the attention of the dean of Empire State college and was invited to attend. While there he first met Reed Richards, the future leader of the Fantastic Four. Doom ignored Richards’ warnings that his calculations where off and when he attempted the associated experiment, the resulting explosion disfigured Doom’s face. Ever since, Doom has thirsted for vengeance against Richards, and by association, the Fantastic Four. Doom has tried, repeatedly and unsuccessfully, to bring his despised foes to their destruction.

In addition to his genius level IQ, Doom is also a powerful sorcerer, having learned the art from both his mother and a group of Tibetan monks. He is also the unquestioned ruler of his home country of Latveria.

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #5
Most Recent Appearance: Avengers #25

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