When The Commissar Commands

Writer: Stan Lee
Penciller: Don Heck
Inker: Dick Ayers
Letterer: Art Simek

Plot Summary

As the issue opens, Captain America is sitting in Avengers Mansion, contemplating his life. Cap is still frustrated by the fact that he is not able to earn his way in the world and that he is essentially living off of someone else. Cap also wonders why he has yet to hear back from his former comrade, Nick Fury. Elsewhere in the mansion, Pietro is watching circus acrobats perform on TV when his sister invites him to join her in seeing a play. Pietro instead explains that he already has tickets for the circus and the pair head to their respective shows. While at the circus, one of the acrobats nearly falls to his death when his partner’s arm cramps, but is saved just in time by Quicksilver reattaching the safety net. Hawkeye on the other hand is enjoying a nice evening in his workshop, perfecting a new arrow he has been working on.

Meanwhile in the small country of Sin-Cong, a local village is being terrorized by the communist leader known only as The Commissar. When he discovers the village still harbors disloyal sentiments, The Commissar decides to demonstrate his inhuman strength by hurling boulders and smashing rock formations. By the time he is done, the entire village is bowing at The Commissar’s feet. This is not enough however and The Commissar feels that he must prove how weak his capitalist foes are by defeating the most powerful capitalists he can think of, The Avengers. To this end, The Commissar sends out a false radio transmission claiming to be an underground movement. Captain America picks up on this signal and immediately decides that The Avengers must step in to help these poor, repressed people. Cap immediately calls “Avengers Assemble” and the team makes their way back to the mansion. Upon returning and learning of Cap’s plan, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are not wholly convinced, but after a rousing speech by Hawkeye, the decide to join in the endeavor.

When The Avengers arrive in Sin-Cong, they are met by some of The Commissar’s men and escorted to his capital. Shortly after reaching their destination the heroes find themselves in the jaws of a closing trap. But being prepared as they are, The Avengers spring into action and quickly overwhelm all of the guards The Commissar has sent against them. Just as they appear to be achieving the upper hand, The Avengers are surprised by trap door that opens beneath them, dragging Scarlet Witch down. Following Wanda’s cries, the remaining Avengers quickly locate her and attempt to free her using one of Hawkeye’s flare arrows. Though the arrow does its job, the team is quickly overcome by the sleeping gas that The Commissar has been pumping into the room.

When they awake, Hawkeye, Captain America and Quicksilver find themselves face to face with The Commissar. The mighty foe delivers an ultimatum to The Avengers; face him in single combat before the assembled peasants, or he will execute Scarlet Witch instantly. With no other options, each of the team members take a turn attempting to defeat The Commissar, but without success. Just as the Commissar claims victory over his capitalist foes, Cap points out there is yet one Avenger he has not defeated, Scarlet Witch. The Commissar agrees, claiming that he will easily defeat the lady Avenger. Scarlet Witch on the other hand has a very different plan. Noticing that The Commissars henchman Major Hoy disappears behind the curtains every time The Commissar fights, she investigates only to find The Commissar is a robot and that Major Hoy is controlling it. All it takes to defeat The Commissar now is a little of Scarlet Witch’s Hex powers and the robot lays defeated at her feet.


Captain America
Scarlet Witch


The Commissar

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