The Coming of The Avengers

Avengers 1Writer: Stan Lee
Penciler: Jack Kirby
Inker: Dick Ayers
Letterer: Sam Rosen

Plot Summary

Loki, God of Mischief, has decided that he must have revenge on Thor for having him imprisoned on the Isle of Silence. Loki locates Thor’s alter ego Dr. Donald Blake but decides it wouldn’t be satisfying enough to just kill Blake, he instead decides to generate a threat bigger so that Blake will be forced to become Thor. This threat is provided by the Hulk, whom through an illusion provided by Loki, appears to attack a train. Hulk’s friend Rick Jones sees a news story about the “attack” and knowing that Hulk wouldn’t attack innocent people, attempts to send a call to the Fantastic Four, to help prove Hulk’s innocence. The message is diverted by Loki and instead gets sent to Donald Blake, Tony Stark, and Hank Pym. All of these heroes converge on New Mexico and offer to assist in apprehending Hulk. While there, Loki sends a false image of Hulk, which Thor sees and pursues. Thor quickly discovers that this Hulk is an illusion and knows that Loki must be behind this whole plot. He promptly heads to the Isle of Silence to confront Loki and put an end to the mess he has created. Meanwhile, the rest of the heroes chase after Hulk, who has taken refuge in a circus as Mechano, a life like robot. The heroes attempt to capture Hulk, who manages to escape by jumping through the circus tent. While this is going on, Thor is approaching Loki’s island prison and must fight his way past Loki’s traps and illusions. Finally arriving at Isle of Silence, Thor confronts Loki, while Loki springs his ultimate trap, trolls whose grasp cannot be broken attempt drag Thor underground to be a slave in their mines. Thor manages to stop the troll with a lightning blast from Mjolnir which blinds the trolls and captures Loki. Back in New Mexico, the Iron Man, Ant Man and Wasp chase Hulk into a car factory where they continue to fight until Thor shows up and explains the entire thing was just a ploy by Loki. In a final attempt to gain the upper hand, Loki turns himself radioactive. The heroes stop fighting one another and instead deal with Loki, working together to trap him in a lead cask. After safely taking care of Loki, the group decides to form a more permanent team and Wasp suggests naming the new team The Avengers.


Iron Man