Mine Is The Power

Avengers #49

Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: John Buscema
Letterer: Art Simek

Featured Issue: Avengers #49

Plot Summary

As Hercules explores abandoned Olympus in search of answers, he is confronted by the exiled Typhon. Choosing to amuse Hercules, Typhon explains how and why he defeated the gods of Olympus by destroying the eternal Promethean Flame. While Hercules struggles to come to grips with this new reality, the remaining Avengers wonder where their teammate are and throw themselves into various distractions. Elsewhere in the middle of the Atlantic, Magneto, Toad and the missing Avengers arrive at Magneto’s secret island fortress. Although they generally mistrust him, Quicksilver can’t help but listen to him after the mistrust to which he was recently subjected. Willing to give him a chance, the two Avengers escort Magneto to New York so that he can address the UN General Assembly. Unsurprisingly the Master of Magnetism is met with considerable hostility and he attacks the delegates. Only the quick action of the recently arrived Avengers saves the delegates, but during the ensuing battle, Scarlet Witch is wounded and the pair escape with Magneto. Back on Olympus, Typhon attacks Hercules, believing he has had enough time to grieve. Although Hercules manages to defeat the monster that Typhon initially summons, but Hercules is finally banished to a different dimension when Typhon decides he is done playing with Hercules.


Scarlet Witch



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