The Light That Faded!

Avengers #35

Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: Don Heck
Letterer: Sam Rosen

Featured Issue: Avengers #35

Plot Summary

Things were not looking good for Hawkeye and Captain America as the laser cage that held them slowly closed in on them, but thankfully Goliath showed up just in time to save the pair from a gruesome fate. Unfortunately, the trio are unable to locate Wasp, who was taken captive by the Living Laser. Meanwhile, the Living Laser met with the leaders of a South American revolutionary group. Agreeing to aid them in their cause, the Living Laser travels to Costa Verde in order to single-handedly overthrow the existing government. Though he is successful, his actions do not go unnoticed and the Avengers located their query and head off to rescue their teammate. As the Living Laser is ready and waiting for the Avengers, their first attack fails as they are driven off by the combined arms of several rebels. Though a second assault is slightly more successful, the Avengers are eventually captured and imprisoned by the Living Laser. Goliath decides it is worth the risk and again changes to his ant size in order to escape his bonds. Goliath then disables the Living Laser’s laser cannon, which explodes, disabling the villain. With the rest of the Avengers freed, the remaining rebels are rounded up and an elective government is established in Costa Verde.


Captain America


Living Laser

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