Mole Man

Mole Man

While investigating his hollow Earth theories, nuclear engineer Harvey Elder discovered a subterranean humanoid species known as moloids. After being partially blinded by the reflection from diamonds, Elder took the name Mole Man and began attacking power plants, only to be stopped by the Fantastic Four. Mole Man would have several encounters with the first family of Marvel before it was assumed he was killed when his underground base was destroyed in a massive explosion.

Mole Man resurfaced to face The Avengers when he attempted to conqueror the surface world by speeding up the Earth’s rotation (Avengers #12).

After his previous defeat at the hands of The Avengers, Mole Man drew the new Avengers lineup underground to face the mighty Minotaur, only to send them back when they became too much for him to handle. (Avengers #17)

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #1
Most Recent Appearance: Avengers #17

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