Kang the Conqueror is a time traveler from the year 3000. Tired with his mundane exsitence, Kang uses a time travel device created by his ancestor, Doctor Doom, to travel to ancient Egypt. While is the guise of Pharaoh Rama-Tut he fought and was defeated by The Fantastic Four. After leaving Egypt, Rama-Tut was accidentally sent to the year 4000. Now going by the name Kang, he was able to carve out an empire for himself, but realized he was ruling over a dead world. With this in mind, Kang travelled back in time once more to conquer the Earth, but was defeated by The Avengers.

During an earlier meeting with Doctor Doom, both men began to suspect that they were one in the same, only from different points in time.

Later, from his native time, Kang uses a robotic duplicate of Spider-Man to once again attempt to thwart the Avengers, though his efforts are once again in vain. (Avengers #11)

First Appearance: Avengers #8 (Fantastic Four #19 as Rama-Tut)
Most Recent Appearance: Avengers #24

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